King James I

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King James I

King James I was born in 1566. His mother was Mary Queen of Scots. His first title was King James VI of Scotland. In 1603 he became King James I of England. King James I married Queen Anne of Denmark. They had seven children but only three of them lived. King James I was not very tolerant of other religions. The Catholics really didn't like him and tried to kill him in 1605. It was called the Gunpowder Plot. They filled a house with gunpowder and were going to blow up the English government. They were stopped in time. King James died on March 27, 1625 in England.


1566-born 1567 -King of Scotland16o3 - King of England1606 - first charter for Virgina Co.1609 - second charter1611- orders King James Version of the Bible1625 - died

King James I created the flag of Great Britian by combining the flag of St. George with the flag of St. Andrew.He wrote many books.The King James Version of the Bible that is still used today waswritten during his time as king.

Lasting Impact

James I granted the charter to the Virigina Co. that created Jamestown. Jamestown was the first permanent English settlement in North America.


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King James I





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