King Hotepsekhemwy

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King Hotepsekhemwy

Name and ReignHotepsekhemwy meant "Pleasing in Powers"Hotepsekhemwy started the 2nd dynasty after a political crisis. After the crisis was fixed, he took the throne as King Hotepsekhemwy. The exact length of Hotepsekhemwy's reign is unsure. The ancient Egyptians recorded that the mighty Hotepsekhemwy reigned for 95 years. Scientists have concluded that the length of a a reign that long is improbable. Scientist suggest he reigned for 25-29 years. From 2890 B.C.E.

Hotepsekhemwy's family is partially unknown. He may have married a princess that gave him the thrown. His desendents inclued Perneb and Nebra.



His exact tomb location is unknown. But recently scientists Flinders Petrie, Allesandro Barasanti, and Toby Willkinson found seal impressions of Hotepsekhgemwy in tomb B beneath the funeral passage of the Unas-Neroplis at Squarra. Othe Egyptologists suggest that Tomb B belongs to Perneb, Hotepsekhemwy's son.

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Crown Hotepsekhemwy was the king of Upper Egypt, he wore Upper Egypt's Crown.


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