King Henry VIII's wives

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King Henry VIII's wives

The Wives of King Henry VIII

Wife #1Catherine of Aragon. Married in 1509, she gave him seven children, which only one survived, Mary

Wife # 2Anne Bolyen. Married in 1533 with the hopes of a son. After multiple miscarriages she produces a daughter Elizabeth, not good enough for Henry so he lops off her head

Wife #3Jane Seymour. Married in 1536 and the only wife of Henry to produce a son. Only one that died during childbirth.

Wife #4Anne of Cleves. Married in 1540, she wasn't particulary Henry's tast so he annulls the marriage.

Taking lady killer to the next level King Henry VIII is the well known King of England for choppin off his wives heads.....well two anyways. Henry needed a son to continue the Tudor Dynasty hence him marrying six times.

Henry was well known for his auburn hair and very good looks back in his younger years. It wasn't until he was injured in a jousting competition when he began to...inflate with a waist measuring 52 inches

Henry had only three children; Mary, Elizabeth, and James VI

In order for Henry to rid himself of Queen Catherine of Aragon he denounced himself to the Pope in Rome and made up his own church, the Church of England. This way if he could whatever he wanted to, including divorcing some wives.

Wife #5Catherine Howard. Married in 1540, She was beheaded for treason and adultry.

Wife #5Katherine Parr. More of a nurse to Henry than a wife she was married to Henry for five years and even outlived the king.


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