King Henry VIII

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King Henry VIII

Henry's next wife, Jane, finally gave the king what he'd sought for so long: a male heir. She died shortly after giving birth. His next wife, Anne of Cleves, posessed little education and little beauty. Henry nicknamed her the Flanders Mare.

There were many myths surrounding the infamous Anne, most likely created by those who remained loyal to Catherine of Aragon. The most notable rumor was that she had 6 fingers on one hand!

Catherine of Aragonm. 1509-1533, Divorced

King Henry VIII

"I'm Henry the Eigth, I Am"

Anne Boleynm. 1533-1536, Executed

Jane Seymourm. 1536-1537, Died

Kathryn Howardm. 1540-1542, Executed

Katherine Parrm. 1543-1547, Widowed

Anne of Clevesm. Jan-July 1540, Divorced

King Henry VIII's Wives

King Henry VIII came to power in 1509 after his brother died. In his youth, Henry was portrayed as athletic and academic, earning the title of a true Renaissance Man. Henry's obsession with having a son led him to request a divorce. When the Pope would not grant it, Henry split from the Roman Catholic Church. He declared that the king was the one supreme ruler and established the Church of England. In his later years Henry suffered from morbid obesity. His body had painful, puss filled boils, and may have sufferred from gout. A leg injury ropened an old wound which festered. He didin 1547. Henry had three surviving children: Mary (via Catherine of Aragon) who would later be known as Bloody Mary, Elizabeth I (via Anne Boleyn) who is one of the most famous Queens of England, and Edward VI (son of Jane Seymour).

Kathyrn Howard, called a rose without thorns, was beheaded for adultry like her cousin: Anne Boleyn.


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