King Henry VIII

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King Henry VIII


-Henry mounted the biggest invasions of France since the reign of King Henry V.-King Henry decreased the power of the nobles. He increased the power of the Parliament and the monarchy. -During his early years, Henry VIII was a devout Catholic and with Sir Thomas More wrote a book called the 'Declaration of the Seven Sacraments Against Martin Luther' in 1520.-He was accorded the title King of Ireland by the Irish Parliament in 1520.

King Henry VIII affected our world, religion wise. If he didnt make a change, it would be different today.


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King Henry VIIIKing of England


-King Henry Tudor VIII was born on June 28, 1491, in the Greenwich Palace, England.-Henry was the third child, and the second son of King Henry VII and Elizabeth of York.-He was the first monarch to be educated under the influence of the Renaissance.-Henry was an accomplished scholar, athlete, musician, linguist. He became king soon after his father and brother died.- Henry married six times and had two sons and two daughters, he killed the wives that had the daughters. -At first, the young king took little interest into politics except for the war-like designs on France.

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