King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella

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King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella

King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella

Ferdinand:March10,1452-January23,1516Isabella:April22,1451-November26,1504Ferdinand borin Sos,AragonIsabella borin Castile

Ferdinand tutored ny humanist Fransico Vidal in his youthIsabella gained the support of many noblesThere were the king and queen of Spain They also sponsored Christopher Columbus' voyage in1492 and United Spain's largest kingdoms. There both responsible for unification of Spain, Reducing crime,debt,and struggles.

Ferdinand had already became king of Aragon and Isabella became Queen of Castile so together they ruled both,unifying Spain.

Quote: do not tell secrets to those whose faith and silence you have not already tested

The role my topics play are that they are the king and queen of Spain and they were the ones to reduce crime,debt,and struggles.


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