King Charles Spaniel

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King Charles Spaniel

King Charles Spaniel

Although he's born to be a companion, the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel dog breed retains the sporty nature of his spaniel ancestors. If he's not sitting on a lap or getting a belly rub, nothing makes him happier than to flush a bird and then attempt to retrieve it. One of the largest of the toy breeds, he's often as athletic as a true sporting breed and enjoys hiking, running on the beach, and dog sports such as agility, flyball and rally. Some have even shown their prowess as hunting dogs. The more restful members of the breed find success as family friends and therapy dogs.

Doubtless, your King Charles is a royal cutie. So check out the below list for a dog name that’s as regal and majestic as your beloved pup. Like Doodle.CastleChuckDoodleJesterLeopoldLeroyPhoebeSceptorTudorWindsor




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