King Charles I

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King Charles I

King Charles I of England was born in 1600. He was the son of King James I of England. His older brother was supposed to be king but died. Charles I married Henrietta Maria of France. They had five kids. King Charles I was not tolerant of religions different than his and this caused a lot of problems in England and Scotland. One good thing that happened was that he gave a charter to the Puritans so they could found Massachusettes Bay Colony. A bad thing that happened was that so many people didn't like him that it caused a civil war. The Scots people captured the king and sent him back to England where he had a trial and was beheaded in 1649.


1600 - born1625 - King of England1629- charter for Mass. Bay Co.1634- charter for Maryland1642 - Civil War1646 - King surrenders to Scots1649 - King is beheaded

King Charles I loved art. He bought many important paintings and had a huge collection. It was one of the best in the world.He was like his father James I and granted charters for colonies in North America. The charter granted to the Massachusetts Bay Company helped found 5 of the original 13 colonies.

Lasting Impact

King Charles I granted the charters that helped found both the New England and Southern colonies.


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King Charles I


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