King Arthur...9

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King Arthur...9

Who is King Arthur?King Arthur was a legendary British soldier. According to the medieval and romance stories. He led the British against Saxon invaders in the early sixteenth century.

The Knights of the round table.The Knights were those men awarded the highest order of Chivalry at the Court of King Arthur in the literary cycle of the Matter of Britain.

The deeds they are known for.1. Arthur was the great legendary British king. Arthur was the son of Uther Pendragon and Igraine.2. The Perfect Knight. Gawain was the knight who appeared in works from Geoffrey of Monmouth Gawain appeared the most frequently in the Arthurian tales.3. Lancelot of the Lake was the most famous knight of the Round Table. Part of his fame was that he became the lover of Queen Guinevere, the wife of King Arthur. Without doubt, Lancelot was the noblest figure in the Arthurian legend.4. The original Grail Knight.5. According to the Grail legend, Galahad was was the descendant of King David of Israel, through his father Lancelot.6. Bors was the son of King Bors of Gaunes and Evainne. Bors was also the brother of Lionel and cousin of Lancelot and Hector. 7. Foster-brother of Arthur. Kay was the son of Ector, or according to Robert de Boron's Merlin, the son of Sir Anton. When Arthur became king, Arthur made him his seneschal.8. Bedivere was the butler or the cup-bearer and the constable of King Arthur. Bedivere was the brother of Lucan the Butler.9. Lucan was the wine-steward in Chretien de Troyes' Erec and Enide.10. Girflet was the son of Do (Doon) of Carduel. Girflet was mentioned as one of the knights who sought Grail 11. Yvain was the son of King Urien. Yvain was known in Welsh legend as Owain.12. Erec was the hero of the Arthurian romance.13. Cador was the duke of Cornwall. According to Geoffrey of Monmouth, Cador was the son of Duke Gorlois of Cornwall and Igraine.14. Hoel was the duke of Brittany, also known as Hoel the Great. In some other tales, Hoel was seen as a king of Brittany. Hoel was the son King Boudicius and Anna.15. According to the Vulgate Merlin, Pellinor of the High Wild Forest was brother of King Pelles of Listenois and King Alan of Listenois. Pellinor had thirteen sons.16. Tristan was the son of Rivalen, lord of Armenye, sister of King Mark of Cornwall. The English writers knew him as Tristram; his name means "sad man".17. Morholt was considered to be best knight in Ireland. Morholt was a powerful and rich count in Ireland. His sister, Isolde the Elder, was married to the King of Ireland.18. The Saracen Knight and Slayer of the Questing Beast. Palemedes was the son of Esclabor After the death of King Pellinor, Palemedes inherited the king's role as the Knight of the Strange Beast.19. Companion of Tristan. Dinadan was a knight of the Round Table, often accompanying Tristan in his adventure in the kingdom of Logres (Britain).

The Knights of the round table.1. King Arthur 2. Sir Gawain 3. Sir Lancelot 4. Sir Perceval 5. Sir Galahad 6. Sir Bors 7. Sir Kay 8. Bedivere9. Lucan the Butler 10. Sir Girflet 11. Sir Yvain 12. Sir Erec 13. Cador 14. Hoel15. King Pellinor 16. Tristan (Tristram) 17. Morholt (Marhaus) 18. Palemedes 19. Dinadan

Why a round table?The reason they used a round table. They used a round table because then no one felt out of the group or was the head of the table and it helped build a sense of equivalence, but it also aided in avoiding conflict.

"Sir Gawain and The Loathly Lady"Sir Brandon (Hainer) Hainstock

The curse of the Loathly Lady.It all happened one evening when i was walking to my boyfriend's house for a romantic dinner and movie. I was walking over and this witch came up and asked if I could spare the time to help her with a box. I said I would but she would have to give me a ride on her broom for the help i did for her. Ten minutes later i had the box moved and she was taking me to my boyfriend's house. When we arrived i said thanks for the ride and she said all these dumb words and at the end she said will be ugly till married and at the strike of midnight I was a ugly ogre like Sherk.

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The loathly lady had - A nose like a pig snout- Misshapen mouth stuck out with the two yellow rows of horse like teeth- Cheeks covered in sores- Had only one eye also had some rheumy and red rimmed- Few strands of hair from her head - Her body swollen and bent out of shape and fingers


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