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king Arthur





Why is it so popular?Legend of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table is onemyths of ancient Britain. King Arthur was considered eternal, Who gloriously defended Saxon people, highlighting the promise legendmade by him to come back from the grave on the island of Avalonto defend Britain, where the country was again threatenedforeign invasion.European popular culture is full of legends about the rulers whopromised that they would return when their country will be in jeopardy. The French will berescued by Charlemagne, Frederick Barbarossa, the Germans and Irish,of their great hero Fionn McCumhaillig. But all these stories,remains the most representative of the King Arthur legend with thissome credible history.

WHERE TO START?In sec. Fifth d.Hr attracted a great chief of the tribe, probably a BritishRomanized, which many famous victories against the Saxonsrobbed surroundings. According to the researchers, King Arthur had themodel a fearless fighter, a soldier named Ambrosius Aurelianus.When Britain withdrew from the Romanian army, the British were left without anational leader.Around 410 d.Hr, Britain enjoyed nearly 400 yearsdue to protection offered by the Romanian army, peace and abundantly.Ensure optimum trade road network, making quickRoman legions moving between camp sites and big cities.After the Roman armies were withdrawn in Italy, because of threatsbarbarians, the Britons were left in the lurch. Thus, in BritainCivil war broke out: he began the struggle for riches left behind byby Roman settlers.Tyrant Vortigern managed to get most of the power duehas reinforced the fact that the mercenary army of Anglo-Saxons, led by twoexcellent fighters, Hengist and Horsa. The latter revoltedVortigern against him, killing him. November troops crossed the Anglo-SaxonChannel, in order to take part ought to be.The solution came from an unknown British commander namedAurelianus Ambrosius. He defeated the Saxons in 518, at Mount Badon.About that military genius, known only as it was called Arthur. This victorywas overwhelming. For 50 years, peace reigned in Britain. Chronicles walesiene Arthur talked about as "great king and the wizards"His works are known throughout the UK.In Cambriae Annales, a chronicle written by monks, it tells howArthur fought for three days and three nights, eventually gettingvictory.

And the end?!He was killed by his own son who stabbed ,but post mortem ,Arthur killed him


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