Kinesiology Degree

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Kinesiology Degree

Through this research I found more interesting facts about kinesiology. This makes me want to pursue my goal of becoming a physio therapist. Though the cost is high and the workload is heavy, I believe that I have the determination to pursue my goal. Now that I know the courses I have to take in highschool to be able to pursue this career path.

KIN 161 – Leisure and Sport in SocietyKIN 231 – Sport and Exercise PsychologyKIN 343 – Biology of Human Athletic PerformanceKIN 360 – Sport, Peace, and Conflict.


-Meet UBC's English Language Requirement-English 12 or English 12 First Peoples-One of Principles of Math 12, Pre-Calculus 12, Biology 12, Chemistry 12, Geology 12 or Physics 12-Two other approved Grade 12 courses-English 11 or English 11 First Peoples-Language 11-Principles of Math 11 or Pre-Calculus 11 or Foundations of Math 12-Applied Physics 11 and 12 or Biology 11 or Chemistry 11 or Earth Science 11 or Physics 11 -Civic Studies 11 or Social Studies 11 or First Nations Studies 12



Cost And Length

Tuition: $5824 per yearBooks And Supplies: $1400 per yearHousing: $4000Food: $1800Length: Four Years

Kinesiology Degree


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