Kinematics of hip extension

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Kinematics of hip extension

Kinematics of Hip Extension

Muscles involved in hip extention:-gluteus maximus(all fibers)-biceps femoris(long head)-semitendinosus-semimembranosus-adductor magnus(posterior fibers)-gluteus medius(posterior fibers)

*movement between the femur and the pelvis*occurs within the sagittal plane about a medial-lateral axis*reduces the distance between the posterior aspect of the pelvis and the posterior surface of the femur

This is what it looks like!

Long-Arc Pelvic-on-Femoral Extension: lumbar spine and the pelvis rotated in the same posterior direction*maximizes trunk displacement, as when arching the trunk backwards or returning from upright to touch toes

Femoral-on-Pelvic Extension: occurs as the femur rotates posteriorly about a fixed pelvis such as when someone extends the leg to walk backwards. Normal hip extension is 20-30 degrees beyond neutral

Short-Arc Pelvic-on-Femoral Extension:such as a posterior pelvic tilt. the lumbar spine flexes slightly, decreasing the natural lordosis, to maintain upright position of the trunk


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