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Welcome to our first Glogster! A Glogster is an interactive poster/website and it will be very helpful in learning about and practicing reading skills that we learn in school! Our first theme/unit is "We are Special"! We are reviewing alphabet letters and will discuss them in more detail later. We are also learning our first "popcorn words"-words that "pop up" all over when we read, write and talk! It is important to know these words by heart. That means your child should be able to read and spell them quickly and easily! Check out the rest of the glog and have fun!

Smart Start: We Are Special

New Popcorn Words:1. I2. Can

In this unit we are focusing on a basic recognition of alphabet letters. In upcoming units, we will focus on 1-2 letters per week.

New Alphabet Letters:

These are some of the skills we will be working on in this unit:~sequence of sounds~recognizing rhymes~phoneme isolation~listening comprehension

Click on a flower to access various ABC games to practice letter recognition and letter sounds!

These are the stories we will focus on in this unit:1. Animals in the Park:An ABC Book2. Hands Can3 Jazz Baby

Ways to Practice/Reinforce Alphabet Knowledge at home(use the scroll on the side of this text box to read more!):*Use the Alphabet Song, traditionally sung to the tune of Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star, to familiarize children with the letters and their names. Sing it often, if not every day. Take care not to sing it so fast that the letters run together and are not easily distinguishable, such as with l, m, n, o sounding like elemeno. You can sing it as a rap or to another tune for variety. It is also helpful to have a large alphabet chart so that you can point to the letters as you sing them.*Take an alphabet walk around the school or neighborhood. Look for letters that you have been studying in environmental print. You can also have children identify objects that start with specific letters that the children have recently learned.*Play "I Spy" by having children try to identify what you spy that begins with a certain letter. You can give added hints if needed. For example, "I spy something that begins with B. You can read it." (book) Have the child who correctly identifies the object go to the board and write the letter. Have everyone practice saying the word with emphasis on the first letter.

Click here to hear one of our alphabet songs!



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