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Kinder Math Websites

Kinder Math Websites

Geometry & Measurement


Mathematical Processes

Number & Operations

Getting Ready for First

Color Match

Color Train


Drag and Drop Colors

Dress the Doggie

Lecky Paint

String of Beads


Pizza Party Fractions

Money - Cents of Color

Money - Coin Memory Game

Money - Which Coin Is This?

Money - Count Pennies

Time - Clockwise

Time - Time to the Hour

Comparing - More, Less or Same

Comparing - More or Less

Shapes - Arthur's Music Box

Shapes - Astronomy Shape Match

Shapes - Big Bird's Shapes

Shapes - Shapeville

Shapes - Ouchy

Shapes - Put It On the Shelf

Shapes - Puzzle Match

Shapes - Color Word Match

Missing Numbers - Find Squiggly

Find the Missing Number

Match Cardinal and Ordinal Numbers

Ordinal Numbers - Cats in a Line

Patterns - Crazy Pattern Machine

Patterns - Cookie Monster

Patterns - What Comes Next?

Sorting - Elmo's Playful Pets

Sorting - Bert's Bottle Caps

Sorting - Sort Elmo's Laundry

Addition Machine

Math Magician

Beginning Addition

Bugabaloo Addition

Farm Addition

Subtraction Problems

Numeration Activity Big Backyard

Count the Ants

Count the Number of Objects

Math Mad Minutes

Count the Fish

What Number Comes Next?

Match Number Name With Word

Subtraction Machine

That's A Fact!

Subtraction Harvest


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