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The Kimono is a traditional Japanese garment familiar to people in the Western world. However, the detail and features that characterize Kimono culture are not so well known. This is probably because the Kimono wearing tradition and its culture have diminished greatly in modern Japanese society. Presently not many Japanese people even know how to wear a Kimono, nor the culture of traditional Kimono. Although there is a growing subculture of Kimono fashion with an “avant-garde” twist among young Japanese girls, the Kimono is largely a disappearing fashion and tradition in Japan.

~ signficance~The kimono is representative of Japan’s culture and heritage, and there are different types of kimono worn to complement every season and occasion. Looking at the history of this traditional clothing can also offer a view of the country’s vibrant historical periods, from feudal times to present-day Japan. It can also show how kimono-making has changed through the years.


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