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Kimberly Kohlheim

Kimberly Kohlheim(Autobiography)

What I remember from Elementary/Middle Social Studies...Sadly, I remember dreading social studies and I don't remember feeling that my teacher enjoyed it much either. The topics were very focused on individual events and the timeframe in which they happened. The content was very factual and lacked any real depth. It honestly just seemed very irrelevent to me and my environment and as a result I hated it! The process was something like this:-Memorize facts (dates, events, people)-Regurgitate that information for the test-Move on to the next chapter

Study AbroadIn College social studies really came to life for me in the form of a semester studying abroad!Here I learned that social studies is more than dates and events. It's people, places, events, culture and not independant of one another but interdepenant of one another! Fantastic experience and a great influence on my interest in social studies and my philosophy of how Social Studies should be addressed in class!

What I remember from High School Social Studies...High school seemed much the same way as elementary/middle until I was able to take a "current events" class. At this point,social studies seemed to get a bit more meaningful to me.Being allowed to debate/discuss current events allowed for critical thinking and problem-solving which in turn allowed for connections to be drawn between the past and the present. I learned that the two were connected and that where we are today is largely influenced by where we began.

Restoration Work done by us students

Philosophy & ImplementationMy philosophy is very much inline with that of the NCSS Powerful and Purposeful Teaching and Learning in that social studies should be meaningful, integrative, value-based, challenging adn active. Implementing hands-on approaches such as debates, discussions, technology, classroom visitors and problem-solving and critical thinking will serve to foster such an environment.

Study Abroad Home St. Victor-la-Coste

Site of many good meals and conversation - Our "French" kitchen


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