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Kim Yuna

Kim Yuna (Queen Yuna)

Kim Yuna, aka Queen Yuna, was born in September 5, 1990 in South Korea. She is a figure skater. She started skating when she was 7 years old and has been selected as national athlete. She is the gold medalist in 2010 Vancouver Olympics.

After the Vancouver Olympic, Kim Yuna decided to rest for two years because she injured her back, hip, knee, ankle, and her foot from practicing her jumps and spins for many years. Despite her injury, she decided to participate at the Sochi Oylmpics in 2014. Kim arrived late at Sochi because she did not have a place to practice, so she stayed in Korea to practice and arrived in Russia 2 days before the contest. She won silver medal but many people are saying she should've won gold.

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More about Kim Yuna

Many people and even professional skaters praise Kim Yuna about her outstanding performance on ice. She broke the world record in figure skating at the 2010 Vancouver Olympics scoring 228.56 points and leaving 23.06 gap between second place.


  • Ajpowel2 7 years ago

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    I didn't pay attention to the Olympics this year, but after seeing this about Queen Yuna, I kind of wish I had. I take it she is called Queen because she scored the highest ever? If so, she certainly does deserve such a title!

  • 5e3327e3420d85e3327e35e784 1 year ago

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    beautiful good job Yuna