kim speed stacking

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kim speed stacking

Speed Staking

What is it?

Speed staking is a taking some specially designed cups and staking them in cycles. The faster you do it the better!

How to Stack

Start by setting up three cups on the left, six cups in the middle, and another three on the right. Then stack the cups into pyramids, and add the three cups on the right and left to form a 6-6. Stack into pyramid again and then combine the 6-6 cups into 12 cups and put a cup on either side of the now 10 cups in the middle. Finish stacking the 1-10-1 pyramid and down stack.

See for your Self!

Stacking Cycles




Stacking Lingo

-Ambidexterity is using both your left and right hands with ease and skill. -Bilateral proficiency is equal performance on both sides of hte body. -Down stacking is unstacking cups.-Fumble is knocking over a(n) cup(s) when down or up stacking.

Stacking Lingo

-Reading position is knees bent with wrists swiveled.-Stacking sequence is description of how are the cups are up and down stacked.-Up stacking- stacking cups up from the bottom up.-Stack mat- stacking surface and timer used to stack cups on.


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