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Kim Campbell

Kim Campbell

Avril phaedra Douglas Campbell was born in March 10, 1947 in Port Albeni, British Columbia. She was known as the first female Prime Minister.

Kim Campbell had a dad, mom and a sister. Her father. Her mother left the family when she was 12, leaving Kim and her sister to be raised by their father.Campbell ultimately left her doctoral studies, returning to live in Vancouver after marrying Nathan Divinsky, her longtime partner, in 1972,(b. 1925), divorced 1983; re-married 1986 to Howard Eddy (b. 1937), divorced 1993.Campbell had no children of her own.

Early Life


Campbell and her family moved to Vancouver, where she attended Prince of Wales Secondary School, and was a top student. She became the school's first female student president, and graduated in 1964. She earned an honors bachelor's degree in political science from the University of British Columbia, graduating in 1969. She was active in the student government and served as the school's first female president of the freshman class.

From a very young age Campbell displayed musicalability; she plays the piano and the guitar by ear. As a child she joined the Pentecostal Church of afriend, preferring gospel music to the staid hymns of her parents' Anglican Church.Whenever there was a school production involving dance, music or unusual costumes

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