[2015] Micah Limpin (ESLE - Giang): Killing Mr. Griffin

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[2015] Micah Limpin (ESLE - Giang): Killing Mr. Griffin

> Mark,Jeff, Betsy & David want to prank Mr.Griffin > Mark Kinney planned everything. They accidentaly killed him.. All of them panicked except Mark.> Their perfect plan was ruined by small mistakes. Mark killed David's Grandmother. > Mark tried to kill Susan by burning their house. >Mrs. Griffin & a police officer saw everything.

Killing Mr. Griffin

Evaluation & Recommendation

Mr. Brian Griffin- English TeacherMark Kinney- Suspended StudentSusan Mcconnell- Top StudentDavid Ruggles- Graduating/Senior President­


Del norte High (New Mexico) SchoolSpringtimeCountryside


Micah's Book Report

REVENGERevenge is a dangerous lesson.

Person vs Society > Mr. Griffin vs StudentsPerson vs Self > Susan Mcconnell

Evaluation Recommendation- Sad kiliings - Teens (Students)- Unexpected plot twist - Mystery lovers- Unsatisfied ending - non-romance

AUTHORLois Duncan

Qoute" They (students) expect to be entertained, not educated" -Mr.Griffin,57


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