Killing Lincoln

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Killing Lincoln

CharactersJohn Wilkes Booth - Famous actor, wants the right to own slaves, kills Lincoln for fame.Abraham Lincoln - 16th president, agaisnt slavery, Liked among Northerners but hated among Southerners.

Author: Bill O'Reilly

Title: Killing Lincoln

Main Events After John Wilkes Booth killed Lincoln he fled to the south, He was chased by union cavalrymen and was eventually trapped inside a burning barn and eventually shot by a soldier in the barn.

SettingsWashington D.C. April of 1864Fords Theater

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An actor named John Wilkes Booth does not like the outcome of the civil war. Booth believes that he must kill the president of the U.S. The climax of the book is the precise moment when Booth pulls the trigger when the actor Harry Hawks says a funny line in the play.

"When I leave the stage I will be the most talked about man in America." - John Wilkes Booth"Put down your guns and go home. Let's rebuild the nation toegther." Abraham Lincoln

The book Killing lincoln is told in 3rd person point of view, I liked how the author used this point of view to write his book. This makes it clear to understand about the book because a murder is about to happen and both characters have different thoughts on the Civil war.

The book Killing Lincoln is a story is about the life of Abraham Lincoln and John Wilkes Booths in the days leading up to his assasination.


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