Killer Whales?

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Killer Whales?

Orcas usually swim 100 miles a day when they are in the wild. In captivty all they can do is swim around in circles.

In captivity and in the wild orcas are known to fight for dominance. The difference is in the wild the non-dominant can back away and give the dominant whale space. So there is a peace. In captivity the non -dominant is stuck in a small space with the dominant orca so the dominant whale may feel threatened. They keep attacking the non-dominant orca. That is why in the news you hear stories of whales killing each other.

Killer whales or Orcinus orca is the largest member of the dolphin family. These animals diet contains fish, birds, and marine mammals. To find their food they use echolocation, bouncing sound off of objects to determine their location. These animals live in the Arctic and Antartic regions along with tropical seas. They also are known to be very social; some are collected in families which are more stable than animal species.

The only accounts of killer whales attacking humans is in captivity. There have no accounts of them attacking humans in the wild. There is a case with Dawn Brancheau, SeaWorld said that she was attacked because of her pony tail. Why did the whale grab her by her waist and viscously shake her? This was a whale (Tilikum) in captivity. I believe he attacked her because he was mad and so do many other specalist. They say its because the whale start to become a little physcotic. After swimming aroud a tank for hours and doing the same shows everyday it gets a little old.

Killer Whales?

Endia Reed and Jules VegaMarch 13, 2015

SeaWorld is one of the main places where captivity is.


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