[2015] Joseph Spencer: Killer Species

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[2015] Joseph Spencer: Killer Species

Michael P. Spradlin ...................................

Menace from the Deep

Killer Species

SettingFlorida Everglades: A swamp where Emmet finds the hybrid Alligator. He also recently moved there from Montana.

Symbolthe alligator representswhat Emmet is trying to capture.

ThemeThe theme of the book is to beadventurous and sometimes take risks.

Character: EmmetEmmet's traits include his determination, his bravery, and his curiosity. Emmetand his family and friends help him find a hybrid alligator invading Florida's Everglades.

AlliterationThe commencement of two or more stressed syllables of a word group either with the same consonant sound or sound group.

Quotes1.) "Biggest one ever captured and recorded was just caught not long ago over near Winter Haven. Over 28 feet long (pg.16 Calvin)." this quote explains that the hybrid alligator must be the same size or larger.2.) "We've seen them, so somebody definitely created those things. Don't you think a person like that is dangerous (pg.123 Emmet telling Calvin)?" this portrays that the creator behind this may possibly be a threat to the wildlife in Florida.3.) "He's on Dr. Catalyst's side. I don't believe it!" (pg.158 Emmet) Dr. catalyst is the one who created the alligators. Even though the news reporters are thanking him, Emmet is mad because the alligators are causing havoc in the Florida Everglades.4.) "It's gone!""What's gone?""The other gator-thingy!"(pg. 213 Calvin talking to Emmet) Calvin is telling Emmet that the alligator escaped once again.

Example of Alliterationpg.26"On the left-handed wall were four stainless-steel doors stacked two-on-two on top of each other."This quote explains the research labthat created the alligators.


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