[2015] Jonas Dao (Sado_5th Grade): Killer Snakes

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[2015] Jonas Dao (Sado_5th Grade): Killer Snakes

Killer Snakes


.In 1912, the world record for longest snake was won by a python that was 33 feet!.Pythons can adapt to both wet and dry conditions..Pythons can swallow pigs, deer, and children!

Sea Kraits

The light brown areas are where seasnakes live.The darker brown areas are where the terrestrial snakes live.

Diagram of a rattle snake

.A cobras's venom is powerful enough to kill a human within five hours of being bitten!.Cobras inflate their hoods when they're angry or ready to attack..Spitting cobras are the only snake in the world that can spit their own venom. They aim their venom at the eyes of the victim and are accurate to about half their wn length!.Legend tells that the Egyptian queen, Cleopatra, killed herself by letting ans "asp" bite her. Historians think the asp was really an Egyptian cobra.


Black mambas get their name from the black interior of their mouth. This makes me think of other animals that get their name from how they look. For example, the sabar tooth tiger gets its name from teeth. Another example, is the triceratops with their three horns on their head. There is also the hawk-bill turtle with it's hawk-like beak. This makes me realize to pay close to how different animals get their name.

Black MambaLevel 4 Post-it


.The rattle is made of hollow beads that click together when the tail is vibrated. .Rattlesnakes have two pits under their nostril that can detect the heat givin off by warm blooded prey so well, that rattlesnakes can know the exact size location of the creature! .Rattlesnake's fangs are hollow, and their venom breaks down the tissue in the prey while stunning it.

Predatorand Prey

Predators include: mongooses, large birds, other snakes, bobcats, honey badgers, humans, and even hedgehogs!

Prey include:pigs, deer, eggs, small lizards, other snakes, and even children!

.Sea kraits have lungs almost as long as their body!.Sea kraits have an oar like tail that helps them swim..They live in warm, tropicalwaters near the Pacific and Indian ocean..Sea kraits have blue\gray and black bands..Sea kraits are 3.3-5 ft. long


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