[2014] didacus22 (6th Grade): Kilauea Volcano Report

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[2014] didacus22 (6th Grade): Kilauea Volcano Report

Positive and Negative Effect:Kilauea was first found in 1823 located on Hawaii's Big Island. Mt. Kilauea was formed from a hot spot. This happened when built up pressure from the magma pushes through weak spots in the crust. Some negative effects of volcanic eruptions are people will sometimes have to evacuate the area and it also will cover acres of land in tons of ash and cooled lava. Some positive effects could be making way for new vegetation on the mineral rich volcanic soil. Another positive effect would be the cooled lava creates more land.

Interesting Facts: In Ancient Hawaiian mythology, the fire goddess; Pele was said to live inside the crater of Mt. Kilauea.The oldest rocks found on Kilauea volcano date back to about 23,000 years ago.In 1912 a Hawaiian Volcano Observatory was founded by a man named Thomas Jagger. Then in 1916 president Woodrow Wilson created a Hawaii Volcanoes National Park.

Eruption Facts:About thirty years ago on January 3, 1983; Kilauea erupted. Since then the same eruption has been going on. It erupts unexpectedly sometimes lasting hours or years. Kilauea is a shield volcano made of about 90% basalt.

Mt. Kilauea Explosion

Mt. Kilauea


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