Kikis Partner Book-Ginger Pye

by swallace33
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Kikis Partner Book-Ginger Pye

Yo yo yo! It's me again!

Today, instead of endlessly blathering about anime, I am going to (make that I have to) tell you about my partner book!


My book is Ginger Pye By Elanoer (did i spell that right?) Estes.

My main characters are Rachel and Jerry Pye. Oh ya, and the dog, Ginger.

You see, Jerry and Rachel bought Ginger from a woman (and unimportant one named Ms.Speedy) And some other guy also wanted him, so Rach + Jerry think they're being stalked or something.

Not much has happened yet, but they keep seeing the man or his hat. It's very mysterious and suspensful.

They have an uncle Bennie who is 3 years old.

Not much else has happened.



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