Kiki: Life as a Vocaloid Otaku

by swallace33
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Kiki: Life as a Vocaloid Otaku

Hi! This is Kiki with some scenes from her fave voca-vids!

Evil Food Eater Conchita"Devour everything in this world; she looked at her own right hand and silently smiled 'THERE'S STILL SOMETHING I HAVN'T EATEN!'"

Dark Woods Circus"All of the cast is jolly , their forms are rather strange; but it's so fun! the Dark Woods Circus."

Toeto"I would like to tell you my feelings from the heart, you see. Hesitantly Toeto said no to that proposal. So I am saying, I'm saying but not said. Eto-eto I mean Eto Eto Et-Toeto."

Circle You, Circle You"Circle You, Circle You. Children You Just Lost The Game Circle You Circle You. Don't try running, you're the same! Until the moon sets aside, Cut their necks off as they cried Circle You Circle You. Who surrounds you everywhere?" *shiver*

Alice Human Sacrifice"The First Alice was a gallant red one, caught in the woods never to be seen again."The Second Alice was a fragile blue man, he was shot and killed by a madman"The Third Alice was a little green pincess, she was taken over by a dream"The Fourth Alice was two siblings, they were the closest to Alices Wonderland"However, their dream lasted until the very end."

Kokoro"Now I'm beginning to understand why I was born; being alone must be truly deppressing. Yes, at that day, at that time, all the feelings that have dwelled in my memeories flowed out of my heart."

OMG Milky Homes! LOL!



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