Kids Who Kill: Confronting our Culture of Violence

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Kids Who Kill: Confronting our Culture of Violence

Connections to Our Text~ Agressive behaviors can be a precursor to more serious acts.~ Media entertainment and family situations at times are a source of aggressive models for children.~ Peer relationships, acceptance, and sometimes rejection play a big role in development.~ The lack of values, moral reasoning, and discipline play a sizeable role in the state of our current society.~ A strong family unit and values are impairative for optimum development.

Kids Who Kill: Confronting Our Culture of ViolenceBy: Mike Huckabeewith Dr. George Grant

Critical Points in the Book~ The first and most important factor in losing the inhibitions for murder is the depersonalization of the victims. ~ Manners, respect, and honor are now seriously lacking in our society.~ Television, movies, video games, and internet content and lack of censorship are inundating our youth with too much violence and adult content.~ Families and family values are under seige from the feminization of poverty, the divorce rates, and change in family dynamic.~ The family breakdown has a direct effect on juvenile crime.~ The United States Department of Education has deemed us a nation at risk. This may be mostly due to the NEA and the politicization of education.

ELE 527: Book Review PosterI am willing for my project to be made public.

T. Brianne Carbery

Victims of the Shooting inJonesboro, Arkansas

Jonesboro's Shooters:Mitchell Johnson, 13 & Andrew Holden, 11


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