Kids Speak Up for Their Beliefs

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Kids Speak Up for Their Beliefs

Do you learn at home or a school classroom? Do you use text books or computers? How would you feel if that was taken away? What would you do? And what kind of learning environment would you create for children?

Explore the materials in this Glog. To close or not to close. Who should decide? Do parents and learners have the right to protest the shutting of their school? What makes education "public" rather than private? If you were in charge, how would you insure that ALL schools were successful in providing a high quality education to ALL learners. Share your ideas.

Nine year old Asean Johnson speaks out against the closing of his school. Would you feel the same way? How well do you think he addressed the problem?Asean pointed to this as being a racial issue. Do you agree?

Look at this news report of the event. How would you defend themayor's position? Will closing these schools help Chicago's education system? You decide.

And what does Mayor Rahm Emanual say in defense of the closing? How do you think he felt about closing the schools?

Another student, Jeff Bliss got so frustratedwith his teacher that he started to lecture her.Listen to this interview where he explains what happened. What is your opinion regardingthe concerns he mentioned? If you were an educator, how would you solve the problems?

Chicago is not the only city facing educational unrest. Philidelphia and New York City.This is a long but excellent videoabout the school closing movement.

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