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Kids connecting

Kids Connecting

“I experienced how many set backs there are in life in which people don't necessarily have a choice to decide how they come out of these situations. All these people have their stories, whether they're homeless, refugees or even foster kids, so let's stop judging others and open up our ears and listen for once. Someone once said "a setback is a setup for a comeback" so let's now act on this and try and make a difference in the world.”

Day 1 ­ Pyjama FoundationAbout the Day:​Day 1 of the 2015 Kids Connecting Immersion was spent at Nudgee College, learning about the life of a homeless person and/or foster child in Australia. The CEO and Founder of the Pyjama Foundation, Bronwyn Sheehan, spoke to the group about her experiences with foster children, and the Pyjama Foundation. The Pyjama Foundation enables foster children from all around the country to relate with someone who is a constant in their life, known as a Pyjama Angel. A Pyjama Angel spends a couple of hours a week with their foster child, helping them to read and having a chat with them, making sure that they are happy. We also heard from a carer, who was currently got upwards of 10 foster children in her home. She went into detail about how hard life as a foster child can be, with some of her foster children having spent time in 27 different foster homes. We also heard from a foster child, who is now at University. Some of the things that she spoke about were very eye­opening, as she described some of the struggles that she went through in her childhood. Some of these struggles were moving houses constantly, and trying to make friends at school. The group watched a movie called ‘The Oasis’, which followed a group of young homeless people who were at the Oasis Youth Refuge. This was a largely confronting, thought provoking video, which really made the group think and realise how lucky they really are.One Standout Moment:​ A standout moment from day one of the immersion was definitely hearing and seeing the many eye opening stories from young children who have bounced from home to home and are forced to raise themselves.Day 2 ­ Walking the LandAbout the Day:​Day 2 of the 2015 Kids Connecting Immersion was spent in the city. The group visited some important sites to do with the stolen generation, where young children were taken from their families and forced to grow up in harsh conditions in white settlements. This was a very dark time in Australia’s short history. The group then discussed the mornings adventures of lunch outside the Gallery of Modern Art, where the afternoon activities were going to take place. After lunch, the group went inside GoMA to look at and appreciate some of the Aboriginal art displays, among other displays. This was a wonderful experience in which we could truly appreciate how amazing the connection between the Aboriginal people and the land really is.One Standout Moment:​The standout moment from Day 2 of Immersion was getting to understand how serious and widespread the effects of the stolen generation were. The effects of that time period are still felt today.Day 3 ­ Brisbane at the MarginsAbout the Day:​Day 3 of the 2015 Kids Connecting Immersion was spent at Nudgee College, on the flats. The group arrived at the flats in the morning to set up for a touch football competition with a range of people with different backgrounds from all over Brisbane. The group then participated in the competition, playing 4 games, winning 2, losing 1, and drawing 1. The day was not about the Nudgee boys though, it was about helping the people forget about some of the trauma in their life and helping them to have a good time. The group put on a free barbecue and everyone had a great time. After the competition was completed and a team was crowned as the champions, the Nudgee boys packed up and reflected on what was a very enjoyable day.One Standout Moment:​The standout moment from Day 3 of the Immersion was seeing all the people really enjoying themselves and having a great time. The majority of the people at the touch competition came from troubled backgrounds, and to see them having a good time was a touching moment for a lot of the Nudgee boys.Day 4 ­ Brisbane at the MarginsAbout the Day:​Day 4 of the 2015 Kids Connecting Immersion was a much quieter day than the previous one. In the morning, the group travelled to the Romero Centre to learn about refugees. The Romero Centre provides english lessons for refugees, and gives them a place to go to talk and meet other people. We listened to the owner of the centre, and she shared some stories of people who she had worked with and was still working with, as well as sharing her opinion on asylum seeking. The group then took part in an english class at the Romero Centre, working with some of the students to understand and enhance their English skills. Upon completion of this, the group travelled to Mu’ooz Restaurant in West End, a restaurant that is run by an African refugee. We were treated to a very tasty traditional African meal, which featured a couple of different types of curries, rice, African bread, and traditional coffee. The group then returned to the bus, where we reflected on the Immersion, and what we had learnt and realised throughout the duration of the week. The general consensus was that the Immersion had opened the groups eyes to some of the dangers of the world, and that not everyone is as lucky as we are. Everyone now is thankful for the necessities and basics of human life that they have, after realising that things can change quickly and these necessities can be taken from you in the blink of an eye.One Standout Moment:​The standout moment from Day 4 of Immersion was eating at Mu’ooz restaurant. This experience was exciting in the fact that it opened our eyes to the different cultures, not just in Africa, but all over the world.


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