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6.Khufu's full name was Khnum-Khufwy, which means "the god" Khnum protect me'.7. He was famous for building the Great pyramid. 8. The height of the pyramid is 480 feet or 146 meters. 9. Khufu is believed to have been born in 2609 B.C.10. He dided in 2566 BC


1. Khufu had seven wives2. He had nine sons and fifteen daughters3. His father was Snefru and his mother was Queen Hetepheres. 4. Khufu was the second pharaoh in the Fourth Dynasty of the Old Kingdom of ancient Egypt.5. He reigned for about twenty three years.


Khufu is described as a cruel leader. Many say he was very unlike his father, and was said to be a heartless ruler. He is famous for building the Great pyramid at Giza.The project took about 23 years to complete, and 2,300,000 building blocks, weighing an average of 2.5 tons each, were moved. His nephew Hemiunu, was given the head of construction for the Great Pyramid. It is agreed that his reign began in about 2589 B.C. and lasted until 2566 B.C. This is because few records from that time survive, limited details about Khufu are known.

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