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KhufuMade by Carson JamesDecember 15, 2015


Pictures of Khufu...

When Khufu ruled Egypt between 2589-2566 BC, people thought of him as cruel and heartless. Historians are a little unsure of how many years he ruled. Khufu wore the red, spiral crown of Lower Egypt. The crown is called "deshret." Extending Egypt's border over the Sinai, building the Great Pyramid of Giza, and commanding many slaves to build the pyramid in 23 years were three major accomplishments of Khufu's ruling. There weren't many setbacks because people were scared of him since he is cruel.

Reputation, Years Ruled, Crown, Major Accomplishments, and Setbacks

Khufu believed in the ancient Egyptian gods and goddesses. Some architectural projects he built were: the Great Pyramid of Giza and a 143 foot long ship that was placed in his chamber in the pyramid. The Pyramid was built for Khufu's tomb, but his burial site and his mummy have not been discovered yet!

Religious Beliefs, Architectural Buildings, Burial and Tomb

Khufu's parents, Pharaoh Snefru and Queen Hetepheres I, named him Khnum-Khufu. His name means "protected by Khnum." But the Greeks called him Cheops. Khufu and his wife, Meritites I had fifteen kids! Their children are: Kawab, Djedefhor, Hetepheres II, Meritites II, Baufra, Meresankh II, , Djedefra, Minkhaf I, Khafre, Khufukhaf I, Babaef I, Horbaef, Nefertiabet, Khameremebty I, and Nefermat.

Pyramid of Khufu Video

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The only way to know what I might've looked like, is this statue in Cairo!

Khufu's 143 foot long ship that went into his tomb!