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FamilyKhione's birth parents are Boreas, the god of north winds and Oreithyia, the lady of mountain gales or a mountain nymph. Khione has three siblings. Her twin brothers are Zetes and Kalais. Both have large wings on there shoulders that enable them to fly. Khione's sister is Kleopatra who is married to phinens king of Salmydessus.

A painting of Khione, goddess of snow

PowersKhione's powers enable her to command snow, ice, and wind, she can also freeze things soild. She can cause ice, snow, frost, snowballs, freezing winds, and snow flakes to appear even in hot temperatures. She is also able to take on the forms of other things, the most common form for her is a polar bear.

KHIONEGoddess of snow

She will freeze your socks off

This is a polar bear, Khiones favorite form

PersonalityKhione was very harsh and judgemental during here first few meetings with the other gods. After she won the gods approval to let her be in the Olympic counsel she became very loyal. She is strong minded, stubborn, brave, daring, clever, and witty. She also shows signs of dautlessness and detemination.

NamesKi-Ki - names her brothers called herChione- Roman name

Zetes and Kalais chasing monsters

Boreas and Orithyia by Oswald Von Glehn

Myth SummaryOrithyia was the youngest daughter of Erechtheus, the King of Athens. One day when Boreas' wind was blowing he caught sight of Orithyia playing in the Ilissos river. Boreas instantly went to Erechteus to ask for Orithyia's hand in marriage. Erechteus pretended to be flattered and happy and said yes to Boreas' request. As it came wedding day, Erechteus made up an excuse to postpone the wedding. He did this time after time again until Boreas figured out that Erechteus didn't want his daughter to marry him. Because of this, Boreas carried Orithyia into to the sky where they settled in Thrace. There Orithyia gave birth to two sons, Zetes and Kalis and two daughters, Khione and Kleopatra.

the olympic counsel


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