Keys to Digital Etiquette

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Keys to Digital Etiquette

When communicating with others online, there are some things to be aware of. One is that you shouldn't type in all caps. This is like shouting to that person and could end up bullying them even if one isn't doing it on purpose.

Keys to Digital Etiquette

How to communicate while online

While online, digital etiquette is some of the basic rules to follow. One should treat others the same as they would in real life. Since people can't see your face online, others can't tell if they are getting teased or just playing around.

The Basics

While online, one has to respect other's privacy. This can be done by asking others before one posts an image on social media that includes them. If someone askes to take that picture down, one should take it down.

Respecting others privacy

By: Sarah Weldon


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