Key People of the Russian Revolution

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Key People of the Russian Revolution

Vladimir Ilich Ulanov was a Russian revolutionist, communist and politician. In the early 1900s the Russian government was in turmoil, as people began rioting and started rebelling the current Imperial rulers. Eventually the people won, replacing the Imperial government with a provisional one. On November 6 and 7, 1917, Lenin destroyed this provisional government. Armed with angry revolutionists who followed him, he and his allies annihilated the current government and took over many key government buildings, forming a new government with him in command. During his reign he revolutionized Russia.

Nicholas II

-Overthrows current Russian government-Becomes first dictator of Marxist Russia-Establishes peace with Germany-Nationalizes Russia and distributes land to citizens-Defeats Bolshevik White Army forces in a civil war of 1918-Officially establishes Russia as the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR)

Nicholas II of Russia was the last Emperor of Russia and Grand Duke of Finland. A powerful politician, Nicholas ruled Russia with an iron grip. Known as "Nicholas the Bloody" by his enemies, he was known for executing his political opponents and commisioning unprecedented and spontaneous military campaigns. As neighboring countries like Germany began to industrialize, Russia's outdated economy began to suffer, bringing famine to its citizens. This eventually led to the otherthrowing of the Imperial government including Nicholas, the very last Russian czar.

Lenin's Legacy

Lenin transformed the Russian empire into Soviet Russia, completely reforming Russia to its core.

Vladimir Lenin

Reign of Vladimir Lenin

Key People ofThe Russian Revolution


Marxism is an idea/way of government which formed the basis & theory of Communism, primarily in Russia.

Nicholas's Legacy

Nicholas II leadRussia to a stateof civil unrest and turmoil,eventually prompting the fall andrevolution of the Russian government,ushering a new age of Communism.

Fact:After having 4 daughters, Nicholas II finally had a son named Alexei as his 5th child. However, Alexei had a bad case of hemophilia. Nicholas was so desperate for a heir to his throne, he even let his monk Rasputin hypnotize the boy as an attempt to heal him.


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