Key Events of the Early U.S.

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Key Events of the Early U.S.

Key Events of the Early U.S.

The United States was "born" in 1776 but faced many early trials. After the new Constitution, the early Presidents had to figure out how this whole new system would work.

Time Line


George Washington

The XYZ Affair led many Americans to call for war with France. Adams decided to negotiate for peace instead of risk a war.

In 1803, Jefferson decided to purchase Louisiana from France. This action doubled the size of the country and gave the U.S. control of the Mississippi.

The Monroe Doctrine demonstrated that the U.S. was ready to throw off some of its isolationism of the Washington era and create a larger international (at least, in the hemisphere) presence.

The War of 1812 was a major test for a young United States. Upset over the issue of impressment, the war was fought to a draw.

Washington led 13,000 men to put down the Whiskey Rebellion and show the new government had teeth. He set many precedents.


John Adams


Thomas Jefferson



James Madison

James Monroe


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