[2016] Kevsergul Dayi (Fatzinger P7): Kevsergul Dayi-Shakespeare's Comedies

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[2016] Kevsergul Dayi (Fatzinger P7): Kevsergul Dayi-Shakespeare's Comedies

William Shakespeare's engaging comedies entertained audiences ever since 1594. Shakespeare's comedies use irony, satire, metaphors, insults and puns to make the audience laugh. In most of Shakespeare's comedies, serious subjects are treated lightly. For example, love is made fun of. Disguises and mistaken identities are common in Shakespeare's comedies. For example, in "As You Like It", a famous comedy by Shakespeare, the female is disguised as a man when she meets her true love. In nearly all of Shakespeare's comedies, the plot is centered around love. The plot is usually confusing, because of the wide variety of characters that appear throughout the play. In all of Shakespeare's comedies, evey character gets a happy ending. In "As You Like It", Rosalind and Orlando get married at the end. Other characters also get married to their true loves at the same time. Even the villians get a pleasant ending. In "As You Like It", the villian Jacques starts to live a religious and good life. Ultimately, Shakespeare's comedies share a common format.

Trivia FactIn Shakespeare's plays, the names of the characters often revealed their personalities and roles.For example: 1. Romeo means attractive lover. 2. Mercutio is related to mercurial which means unpredictably changing.

Trivia FactShakespeare also uses puns in his tragedies and tragecomedies. Shakespeare uses puns to reveal character traits.In "Romeo and Juliet" Mercutio is dying, but his friends don't realize that he is wounded. Mercutio makes one final joke, "Ask for me tomorrow and you shall find me a grave man" (Shakespeare).

Trivia FactIn Shakespeare's plays the hero is strong, but he always has a fatal flaw. Romeo's fatal flaw is that he makes rash decisions.

Shakespeare's Comedies

By: Kevsergul Dayi

Rosalind dressed upas Ganymede is talking to Orlando about Orlando'slove for Rosalind. Orlando doesn't know that Ganymedeis Orlando.

The "Comdey of Errors" is one of Shakespeare's most popular comedies.This play also has mistaken identities in it.

In "As You Like It" many of the characters get marriedand everyone gets a happy ending.


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