Kevin Spacey's Richard III

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Kevin Spacey's Richard III

The New York TimesBen Brantley18 January 2012"It’s the season to be cynical about all things political. (Not for nothing is the drop curtain at the Harvey Theater emblazoned with the word “NOW.”) And Mr. Spacey and Mr. Mendes add their voices to the din of derision by presenting a Richard who drips with tasty, venomous contempt for the process of becoming head of state.""...this “Richard” takes place in a chic, 1930s-flavored twilight, as did Richard Eyre’s 1990 production for the National Theater, starring Ian McKellen... But the show’s visual gimmicks, quotations and steals come from postmodern Shakespeare productions of the past several decades, and they are slapped on like flashy decals on a motorbike.""This Richard may be a blood-spattered psycho...But [Spacey's] Duke of Gloucester is also so intelligent that the world is a crashing bore for him unless he stirs up trouble.""This production has arranged that even Richard’s stone-cold corpse is a scene stealer that makes you forget anybody else is onstage."

Richard III

Brooklyn Academy of MusicJanuary 2012

Directed By:Sam MendesStarring:Kevin Spacey

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