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Kevin De Bruyne

Kevin De Bruyne is a belgian footballplayer. He is born in Drongen, Belgium 16th August 1991. He is 24 years old and plays in the British club, Manchester City with nummer 17. He has earlier played in Wolfsburg, Chelsea, Werder Bremen and Genk. He moved the summer 2015 from Wolfsburg to Manchester City for about 50 million pounds.

Kevin De Bruyne

His first goal for Manchester City against West Ham:

He began his carrer in the belgian club, Genk. He scored 16 goals in 92 matches. In 2012 he moved to Chelsea in the Premier League. He only played 3 matches and didn't scored. Chelsea loaned him from 2012 - 2014 to Genk and Werder Bremen. In that period he scored 12 goals in 45 matches. In 2014 Wolfsburg bought him. He scored 13 goals in 51 matches and made many assists. It caused that Chelsea wanted him back, but he decided to join Manchester City instead.


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