Kermode Bear

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Kermode Bear

What do they look like?A Kermode bear is easily recognized by its white fur. Any colour it has comes from dirt picked up while walking and fishing. The bears shed their fur each spring. After that, the fur is particularly white – at least until the bear manages to get it dirty! Few people know that these bears are actually black bears that have a recessive gene. The bear’s claws are dull white.

StatusThe Kermode bear is currently labled as ENDANGERED. Endangered means that they are close to extiction. They are very rare to see.

Just like a black bear, a Kermode’s nose and paws are dark brown or black, so it is incorrect to call a Kermode an albino. They live to be 20 to 25 years old in the wild.These bears weigh about 250 to 300 pounds for males. Females weigh about 125 to 175 pounds. They get as long as approximately 5 to 6 feet. What hurts them is their white fur as it makes it hard to blend in but what makes up for that is their sharp claws and teeth which they use for hunting.

LocationThe kermode bear lives in the Great Bear Rainforest which is off the coast in British Columbia. This is the only place that they live and they are very rare to see.

Kermode Bear

Habitat These bears live in coastal rainforests on the islands off British Columbia. The bears will use the gigantic ceder trees that are found there for shelter and in the winter as a den to hibernate in. A Kermode will eat plants and berries when available and salmon is a key part of their diet. During certain months, salmon is plentiful in the rivers throughout the Kermode range. These bears are not very social and only interact to mate.


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