Kepler Satellite

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Kepler Satellite

Kepler Satellite

This is Kepler. It'ts mission is to find more planets in the whole universe. It has been one of the most sucessful NASA projects so far.

This is Kepler 186f. This planet is also one of the closest we have gotten to finding Earth's twin. Kepler 186f is in the goldilocks zone. That means that it is the relatively narrow range of distance from a star within which an orbiting planet (or in some cases a planet's moons) may be able to sustain life. It also is about the same size as Earth. This is why Kepler 186f can sustain life.

This is Johannes Kepler. The Kepler Satellite was named after him. Johannes Kepler was a German mathematician, astronomer, and astrologer. This well known scholar was famous for his laws of planetary motion and the Kepler conjecture.

Inside of Kepler

This is Kepler number 438-B, one of the planets that look like Earth's twin. It is actually the most Earth-like planet. As you know it was discovered by the Kepler Satellite. Scientists say that it has a 70 percent of it being a rocky plannet.

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