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Kenzy Galileo Galilea

Galileo Galiea wrote a book called "Dialouge Concerning the Two Chief World Systems."June 22nd (381th) anniversery is when Galileo made the proclamination. He had to take back what he said in his research, and say that he was wrong. Some say that after Galileo recanted, he muttered under his breath, "And yet it moves." In the 2nd paragraph, senior curaor David DeVorkin said, "I would never say he didnt say it, but the best historians say that there's no proof."Before Galileo wrote his book, the church favored him. He even earend a pension from the pope.The plot of his book feaatured three characters: the simpleton, a student, and a sage.(A sage is a 0ers9n of prfound wisdom)The simpleton represented the Earth-Centered view of the solar system. He supports it, but he was proven wrong by the other characters. It was considered herisy, and it also undermined conspirisy idead of the placement of heaven and hell. In the 6th paragraph DeVorkin said, "It made the universe physical, and then peaople had to ask, where in the world is heaven?"Severel of the Church officials were offended when they grew to believe that the simpleton represented themselves. In the 8th paragraph DeVorkin said, "The real issue was the nature of the Dialouge that seemed to lamppon some sensative personallities who were either on the inquisition or were advisiors or patrons." "They did not want to be made out as fools."

1609-He built his own version of the telescope where he was able to see the craters on the Moon, Venus's Phases, the rings of Saturn, that the milkyway was made up of stars, and the 4 biggest moons of Jupiter.1632-Gilileo published his book "Dialoge Concernig the Two Chief World Systems.1633-Galileo Recanted infront of the Church1642-Galileo had passed away in his own house.

After the Recantation

In the 9th paragraph, it says, "Galileo was found guilty of heresy, and sentenced to house arrest, where he remained until his death in 1642."


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Galileo Galilea



Forced To Recant

Why Was He Important

In thd 10th paragraph, DeVorkin concluded, "He really was one of the first modern scientists, He added rigorous observation to the scientific toolkit. He also added the earliest concepts of relativity and the concept of infinity. Without Galileo, I'd like to think these things would have happened, maybe in a different way, but who knows"

I read the article called, "378 Years Ago Today: Galileo Forced to Recant". It was byJulie Mianecky, published by Smithsonian, published on June 22 2011

I think that Galileo was important because he was responsible for the re-birth, and the new begining of modern science. As well as that, without him, we would have still thought that the earth was in the centre of the universe. He also advanced the telescope, saw the craaters on the moon, discovered Venus's phases, the rings of Saturn, and the 4 biggest moons of Jupiter. Besides all his brilliant discoveries, he had the courage to take on The Church.

How Was The Church Potrayed?

Reason the document is written

The Church was potrayed in a bad way in the docutment. They were potrayed as officials that wanted everything their way, and didn't want to be proved wrong. They were afraid that if someone proved them wrong, the people would question their authority, and think that they could be wrong about many other things. In the document Galileo proved their theory about the universe revolving around the Earth wrong. The Church condemned Galileo forced him to recant, and placed him under house arresst for the remainder of his life.

The reason this document was written is because it it informs us about Galileos research and achievments, and how that led him to recant about all his theories and research. It tells the story of Galileo, and all his research and acomplishment, and that the Church condemned Galileo, and forced him to recant. As well as that, they placed him under house arrest.

How Was Galileo Potrayed?

The Church was potrayed in a good way in the docutment. He was potrayed as one of the first mordern scientists, as DeVorkin said, " He really was one of the first modern scientists, He added rigirouse ovservations to the scientific toolkit. He also added the earliest concepts of reletivity and the concept of infnity. Without Galileo, I'd like to think tthese things would've happened, maybe in a different way, but who knows?"

I chose the sourses that I used becuase I thought they were reliable sourses. They weren't like Yahoo answers or wikipedia. They were sources that used other reliable sourses, that don't depend on peoples opinions, They were actual facts.



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