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Social Studies

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Cool Facts and History • Scientists think that Northern Kenya and Tanzania may have been the original birthplace of humans. The bones of some of the earliest humans ever discovered were found in Kenya’s Turkana Basin.• Kenya was named after Mount Kenya.Kenyans are Muslim.•During the 1600-1700’s, Kenyans were kidnapped and taken as slaves by Arabs, Europeans, and Americans. By the mid-19th century, slavery was against the law, but by then thousands of Kenyans had been taken to other countries around the world.

Nature and EnvironmentKenya is well known for its wildlife. Kenya is home to hundreds of fascinating and rare animals. There are many safaris in Kenya, and over 50 wildlife reserves. The most popular animals in Kenya are a group called “The Big 5.” In that group are the lion, the leopard, the elephant, the buffalo, and the rhino. In Kenya, there are over 100 different species of bird, and over 110 different species of bat. Kenya’s environment ranges from deserts to forests and from swamps to mountains. Mount Kenya is another highlight in Kenya. It is a volcano and its highest peak measures 17,057 ft. Mount Kenya is 150km. north-northeast from the capital of Kenya, Nairobi. Mount Kenya is the second highest mountain in Africa; Mount Kilimanjaro is the highest.

EconomyThe money in Kenya is called Kenyan shillings. Kenyan shillings look a lot like our money. Kenyan shillings can be coins or paper. 100 Kenyan shillings = 1.261 Canadian dollars. There are many ways to make money in Kenya. Some ways to make money in Kenya is to rent out rooms, working online, and turning your vehicle into a taxi. Many people go to Kenya to see the wildlife, so tourism is very high paid. Also, it is estimated that about 6 million Kenyans were employed through the coffee industry. Coffee and tea are very big in Kenya.

EducationIn Kenya school starts in January, and they go to school from 8:00 to 6:00. That’s 11 hours of work and only one break and one lunch. The languages they learn are Swahili and English because there the most common languages in Kenya. If kids don’t know those languages they have to learn them. At school they teach to keep clean. Over 1 million kids still don’t get to go to school and some kids go home after lunch to help at home.

We are doing Kenya for our project because we will be sending letters to a school in Kenya called Ndunyu. Our teacher went to Kenya to teach in a school for a while. We will be selling Christmas cards at the Craft Fair to raise money to buy useful items for the kids at Ndunyu School.

Language Kenya is a multilingual country. There are about 70 languages and one is extinct. Each tribe has a different language. One of the languages is Ethnologue but the most spoken languages are English and Swahili. The alphabet in Swahili is the same order of the one in English. 1711 was the first writing record in Swahili.


Culture In Kenya, there are over 50 different tribes. Each tribe follows different rules, speak different languages, live different lifestyles, and wear different clothing. Each tribe has a leader. Kenyans live an average 62 years to 65 years. In every tribe, women do most of the work. From taking care of the children, to working on the farm, women do it all. Tribes have used songs, stories, and poems to pass on beliefs, history, and customs. Now, as you probably already know, Kenya is very famous for running. Kenyans have missed 1st only twice in the past 15 Boston Marathons. But they only run if needed. They think running for fun is crazy! But they don’t only run in Kenya. They play other sports like golf, soccer, football, rugby, and cricket.

Geography45,010,056 people live in Kenya. Kenya is located in East Africa, on the equator. Most of Kenya is populated (mostly in Nairobi or Mumbassa) but there are “human-free” areas, too. Kenya is the 49th largest country in the world, and is 224,081 square miles in size. Nairobi is the capital of Kenya.

Swahili Wordsjambo- hellohukuna matata- no worriesrafiki-friendkwaheri-goodbye

The Lion KingThe movie "The Lion King was based on Kenya. The baby lion in the movie was named Simba. In Swahili, Simba means lion. Some of the scenes were actually based on real parts of Kenya. When I see pictures of Kenya, I think of the Lion King.


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