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KenyaDiamond Green Bl. 3rd

Physical Characteristics* Kenya is south of Ethiopia and east of uganda, on the east coast of Africa*Kenya as two main lakes: Lake Turana, and Lake victoria*Mount Kanya is the second highest point in AfricaThe climates are classafied as semidesert, hot and arid (northern) tropical, hot and humind southeast*Kenya has two wet seasons: "long rains" from april to june and "short rains" October to NovemberMajor Physical features*The Rift Valley*Lake Victoria*Mount Kenya

kenya flag

Kenya on a map of Africa

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Human Characteristics*the poulation of kenya is 45,010,056*the population growth rate is 2.11%The official languages of kenya is English, and Swahili, (also known as kiswahili)*The majority o Kenyans are Christains, About 45% belong to various Protestant churchs, and 33% are roman caholic.*The GDP per Capita is $1,800*The cash crops ae coffee,tea,and horticutureal products.*other agricultural products are: Pyrethrum, livestock, corn, wheat, rice, cassava, and sugarcane* the life expectac is 59 (male) 2(female)

Beaded jewelry made by Maasai people

Tribal kenyan people in traditional dress and adornment

Current Events*Primary school attende from six to thirteen, it is free and compulsory*Secondary scool lasts about four years and students have to pay tuition.*Kenyans view education as a path to a better life.*Most Kenyans do not have a way to health care* the rate of HIV infections has lowered the lie expectancy. Diseases like malaria are pevalent in low-lying regions. The death rate due to malaria has disease.*Kenya has been going through some hard times with it economy.

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Kenyas wildlife

Kenya population


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