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The Kikuyu is the largest tribe in Kenya. They are the 'farmers' of Kenya as some may put it. They take up to 22% of the population of Kenya. They speak 3 languages, Kikuyu, Swahili, and English. Their religous orientation is Christianity. They are also the largest ethnic group within Kenya. They are mostly settled near Mount Kenya. They have a lot of crops such as coffee, tea, beans, potatoes, fruits, and maize. They are located near the Maasai and so sometimes they will steal cattle from each other because they are located so close. They are also good buisness people.


Jomo Kenyatta is the first president of Kenya. He was born in the year 1889 and lived with his mom and dad, Muigai and Wambui, and his step-brother, James Muigai. When he was a young kid he would have his grandfather, who was a medicine man, which made him interested in the culture and customs of the Agikuyu. When he was baptized a Christian, he was John Peter, which he had changed to Johnstone. In the year 1938, he changed his name to Jomo and lived with the Maasai in Narok. While there he worked as a clerk to an Asian trader in WWI. In 1920 he married his wife and worked with the Nairobi City Council Water Department and earned abotu 250.00 Shillings a month. In 1928, he published a newspaper on different cultures and different farming mathods. on October 28, 1961, Jomo became the President of the Kenya African National Union.

The Maasai of Kenya are a tribe of people that lives in southern Kenya and northern Tanzania. They are seperated into sixteen parts within south Kenya and north Tanzania. The most common income for the Maasai is in livestock such at cattle, goats and sheep. For nutrition, they eat meat from tehir cattle, milk, and the blood from their cattle. They only drink blood on specail occasions though. Such as, giving birth and when you are sick.


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