[2014] Hunter: Kenya elephants

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[2014] Hunter: Kenya elephants

The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust,The Orphan's Projectin Nairobi Kenya

By Hunter Dolphin

Dear Aidan,I am proud to let you know that I am now part of the DSWT rescue team. I have been involved in the past 5 rescues, rescuing orphan elephants Dupotto, Mbegu, Murit, Ndotto, and Lasayen. There are many ways these baby elephants become orphans including, poaching, well victims, man made cause for separation, stuck in mud, human wildlife conflict, problem animal control, drought related, sick mother, natural cause, panic separation or stampede, found in gulley, separation during relocation, litter related, and many causes are unknown. Sadly, I have come to realize many of these causes are human based. After hearing this it makes me feel good about rescuing the orphans and reversing the bad cycle. I will now tell you about my favorite rescue so far. This is the rescue of Dupotto. First of all people from a community contacted the rescue team when the saw Dupotto. We immediately geared up and headed to the airport. When we arrived we took the East African 5Y-BLN airplane to Dupotto’s location. Once we found him he was given milk, and his legs were tied together so he wouldn’t move during the plane ride.Once we returned he was inspected for injuries at the Nairobi Nursery. Dupotto had been traumatized so being interactive with the other orphans helped him to recover. I am also excited to let you know that you can foster an orphan for a donation of $50 a year. After you adopt an elephant you will recieve pictures and paintings of your elephant and will also be considered as part of the DSWT team. I hope you decide to adopt an elephant.Your cousin,Hunter

This is the plane that rescued Dupotto as well as many other orphan elephants.


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