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Population:4,395,295Insect:Viceroy ButterflyMotto:''United we stand,divided we fall.''Gemstone:Fresh water pearlTree:Kentucky coffee tree

Dainel boone lived in kentucky in 1775.Abraham lincoln lived in a one room log cabin near hodgenville, kentucky.Corbin,kentucky was the birthplace of ''Finger lickin good chicken''.Kentucky is called the ''Blue grass state''.



The rising religionThe Second Great Awakening, based in part on the Kentucky frontier, was the cause of a rapid growth in church members. Revivals and missionaries converted many previously unchurched folk, and drew them into the Baptist, Methodist, Presbyterian and Christian churches.In August 1801 at the Cane Ridge Meeting House in Bourbon County. As part of what is now known as the "Western Revival", attracted thousands of religious seekers under the leadership of Presbyterian preacher Barton W. Stone. The preaching, singing and converting went on for a week until both humans and horses ran out of food.



Located in the north-central area of the state is the Bluegrass Region. It extends into Ohio but is bordered in Kentucky on the north and west by the Ohio River. The land is rolling meadows in the central part and by sandstone (knobs) on the eastern, southern and western edges. This area is referred to as the Knobs Region.

The biggest day in horse racing, the Kentucky Derby, is preceded by the two-week Kentucky Derby Festival[8] in Louisville. Louisville also plays host to the Kentucky State Fair,[9] the Kentucky Shakespeare Festival,[10] and Southern gospel's annual highlight, the National Quartet Convention.[11] Owensboro, Kentucky's third largest city, gives credence to its nickname of "Barbecue Capital of the World" by hosting the annual International Bar-B-Q Festival.[12] Bowling Green, Kentucky's fourth largest city and home to the only assembly plant in the world that manufactures the Chevrolet Corvette,[13] opened the National Corvette Museum in 1994.[14] text here

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