Kensuke's Kingdom Year 6

by Bindyuu
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Kensuke's Kingdom Year 6

1 disappeared- dis is a Prefix. The root word is appear.2 disappearance- dis is a prefix. The root word is appearance.3 playful- ful is a suffix. The root word is play.4 thinking- ing is a suffix The root word is think.5 wonderful- ful is a suffix. The root word is wonder.6 undisputed- un is a prefix. The root word is dispute.7 disbanded- dis is a prefix. The root word is banded.8 coming- ing is a suffix.The root word is come.9 breathless- less is a suffix. The root word is breath10 silently- ly is suffix The root word is silent.

Kensuke's Kingdom

My favorite paragraph is that 'The terrors came fast, one upon another. The lights of the Peggy Sue went away into the dark of the night, leaving me alone in the ocean, alone with the certainty that they were already too far away, that my cries for help could not possibly be heard. I thought then of the sharks cruising the black water beneath me-scenting me, already searching me out, homing in on me-and I knew there could be no hope. I world be eaten alive. Either that or I would drown slowly. Nothing could save me.'

My most favorite paragraph or sentence is that Kensuke said, ‘Now, you happy person, Micasan. I happy, too.’ And my favorite paragraph is that “‘One day, a ship will come, Micasan. Maybe soon, maybe not so soon. But it will come. Life must not be spent always hoping, always I waiting. Life is for living.’ I knew he was right, of course, but only when I was lost and absorbed in my painting was I truly able to obliterate all thoughts of rescue, all thoughts of my mother and father.”

Michael’s parents all lost their jobs. So Michael’s dad was looking for his job. He called his family and started to sail in peggy sue. However, when they were sailing, they met a strong wave and Michael go to another island with Stella.That was Kensuke’s island!Kensuke was scary man and don’t want to be a friend with anyone but slowly, he started to speak and learn each other.And they must talk about escape.

Recommendation...You should read this book because it about a little boy who is twelve years old. His parents lost their jobs but he never gave up. He lost his family while travelling in the sea and made friend with Kensuke. They became good friends and he did not tell his story for ten years.



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