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Rump By: Kennedy Cooks

About The Author

Book Review: I have read the book Rump. It's a humorous and determined book about Rump trying to find his destiny. I give this book five stars because it teaches you to be determined, never give up,and to follow your dreams. It keeps me on the edge of my seat, never knowing what's coming next. For the rating from the rubric I give it a 24/24 because it uses great language, it's engaging, and I definatley think this book will get the Mock Newbery award.

Before Liesl becamea writer, she graduatedfor Brighim Young Univeristy with a degreein music, dance, andtheater. Growing up, Liesl was shy about her name. But,over the years she grown to love having an "unusal"name and wouldn't change it for the world!

Liesl Shurliff

Chacters and Characterisics

Rump: Rump is determined. He follows his dreams, and never gives up until he persues them. He will put his life on the line for anything that's important to him.

Red: Red is tempermental.She was sending a message to Rumpand it said,"P.S. You might be taller than me but i can still pound you." But, she is also kind. she helps Rump find his destiny and they become good friends.

Star Rating: 5 stars

Favoriter Scene/Quote:''My mother named me after a cow's rear end.''( located on pg. 1 )'' P.S. You might be taller than me but I can still pound you.''( located on pg. 200 )

Rump Book Trailer:

In the beginning, the setting was on The Mountain. It was Rump's birthday and he was minning (digging for gold) on The Mountain. As the book went along, Rump and Red discovered a dangerous, and magical wheel for spinning straw into gold.


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