A Romantic World Traveler

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A Romantic World Traveler

"Al-Salaam,"" Konnichiwa," "Merhaba," "Ciao," Ya-Sas," "Hola," and "Hello." Greeting from around the world. My name is Kenny Kaneki. I enjoy reading about world history, traveling, and photography in no specific order. At a very young age, I was given a Viewmaster toy that included reels of historic monuments from around the world. These images of ancient structures were strange and unreal to me. Therefore, this curiosity sparked an interest to learn about these structures and by the third grade, I was a weekly patron of the neighborhood library looking for answers. Coincidentally, around the same age, my grandmother gave me a Kodak Brownie camera for Christmas which began my love for photography. By the 7th grade, I promised myself that I will photograph myself in front of the Temple of Abu Simbel, in Egypt some day in the future. The first photograph on this page is that of the Egyptian temple I had promised myself to take many years in the past. It has continued on since then, and my photographs are my pride and joy of my travels. I hope that the small bits of information that can be found in each photogragh may spark some curiosity in you to seek the answers that baffle the mind. I welcome you to take a free mini world trip on my Glogster. No luggage is required on this trip. Enjoy!

Abu Simbel Temple,Nubia

Shuri Temple,Shuri



El Castillo,Chichen Itza

The Alhambra,Granada

The Library of Celsus,Ephesus

Palace of Knossos,Heraklion



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